UH Board of Regents set to meet Thursday

The University of Houston System will hold its previously scheduled Board of Regents meeting on Thursday afternoon, November 16, at the UH Hilton. An item on the agenda to be discussed during the closed Executive Session is related to personnel matters that could involve the Athletics Department.

From the Board of Regents Meeting Agenda:

4. Personnel Matters Relating to Appointment, Employment, Evaluation, Assignment, Duties, Discipline, or Dismissal of Officers or Employees including but not limited to the Chancellor, Presidents, Vice Chancellors, in the Division of Athletics and members of the Board of Regents
– Discussion regarding contractual matters

551.074 is the section of the Texas Goverment Code dealing with big contracts for officers or employees. Mainly, it is used for significant contracts such as VPs and coaches in football and basketball. The same matter will be discussed in committee meetings before the full Board meeting at 3 p.m. It is possible, but not a certainty, that this is to discuss Dana Holgorsen’s future.

GoCoogs.com does not have any information that a move on Dana Holgorsen is afoot, and I have personally said I believe he will be back next year, justified or not. Earlier this year, Holgorsen told Athletic reporter Sam Khan that, “I have five years on my contract with a f—ing impossible buyout. … So there ain’t no f—ing hot seat in my mind. There just ain’t.”

The “Personnel Matters Relating to…” is boilerplate language except for the last line, “Discussion regarding contractual matters.” This line changes each time section 551.074 is discussed.

For the August 2023 meeting, the line said, “Annual Evaluation of Chancellor Renu Khator.” In the special-called teleconference in June, there was no explanation given. In May, it said, “Employment Matters.” Meeting minutes are unavailable for the May, June, and August meetings.

As is the case with all personnel matters, it is unclear what the subject will be, but one person’s attendance can give clues. AD Chris Pezman typically attends only when Athletics matters are on the agenda.

Minutes from the April 13 specially-called teleconference explain that unanimous approval was given to “delegate authority to the Chancellor to negotiate and execute personnel contracts within the University of Houston Division of Athletics.”

This is believed to be regarding new contracts for Kelvin Sampson and Kellen Sampson. Chris Pezman attended this meeting.

In February, the meeting minutes say personnel matters (551.074) were discussed but that no action was taken. Pezman did not attend this meeting, according to the minutes.

Previously, he has attended meetings that dealt with Athletics:
– On November 30, 2022, when NIL was discussed;
– The special teleconference on November 10 when the Big 12 grant of rights was approved;
– In August 2022, when the R12E campaign was discussed;
– For an Athletics wrap-up in May of 2022, but not the special meeting earlier that day for naming rights of the College of Medicine;
– The special teleconference in late April 2022 that discussed Kelvin Sampson’s contract;
– On February 22, 2022, to discuss UH Athletics progress.

Pezman did not attend the December 2, 2021, meeting, when no Athletics Department business was discussed.

Matters involving 551.074 are often on the agenda but not for every meeting.

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