Analysis: Big 12 releases football schedule matrix


The 2024 schedule matrix came out at 1 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, and it is, frankly, beautiful.

In 2024, UH Football will host Utah, Baylor, Kansas State, and Iowa State. The Cougars will travel to Arizona, BYU, TCU, Kansas, and Cincinnati.

Courtesy of the Big 12 Conference

Brad Towns and Ryan Monceaux share their first thoughts. This was written without knowing what the other was writing, so there is some redundancy:

Over the next four years, UH will travel to every Big 12 stadium. In 2027, UH will repeat traveling to Arizona and TCU while hosting Baylor in 2024 and 2026 and Texas Tech in 2025 and 2027. (Ryan Monceaux)

– Last year, it was strange to see UH’s future schedule that included Big 12 teams with our old SWC rivals. The schedule for the next four seasons looks even more strange with former PAC-12 members added to it. (Brad Towns)

– Baylor, Tech, and TCU will be on the home schedule six times in the next four seasons. That’s excellent. Colorado will be on the home schedule in 2025 and 2027. (RM)

– Each season, UH maintains at least two regional rivals. 2024 has Baylor at TDECU and TCU in Ft. Worth. 2025 looks even better with Texas Tech and TCU in Houston and Baylor and Oklahoma State on the road. The allure of joining the Big 12 was to play regional foes, and I am happy to see that continue. (BT)

– In 2024, UH will travel to Arizona and BYU. Uhh, sign us up. The Cougars will also play at TCU next season. Overall, the 2024 road schedule is manageable. But with five conference games and OU on the road, it’s daunting. (RM)

– The best two teams (I think) the Coogs will play next year – Utah and Kansas State – are at home. (RM)

– Next year’s home schedule is nice with Utah, Kansas State, Iowa State, and Baylor. It is good to get the toughest games at home next year. The real fun comes on the road when UH travels to Arizona and BYU. It is time to circle those and get travel plans locked in. (BT)

– Speaking of next year, it could be a long one when you consider out-of-conference matchups with OU and a rapidly improving UNLV. UH will need massive improvements in all areas if they plan to compete against that schedule. (BT)

– Iowa State will be the Houston Football visits (2027). They’ll play at every other school by 2026. (RM)

– I was concerned about what this conference would look like and how the schedule played out. I am excited that there are no pods and UH didn’t get stuck out east. All things considered, I really like how this “schedule matrix” sets up for the future. (BT)

– In 2027, UH fans will get Texas Tech, Colorado, and LSU as part of the season ticket package. Adequate. (RM)

– The 2025 home schedule is salty with TCU, Texas Tech, and Colorado and Coach Prime. (BT)

– In each season, the Coogs will make a trip to the Eastern Time Zone and one to the Mountain Time Zone (although Arizona does not do daylight savings). (RM)

– UH has many quality home games that should interest people, and we have some great road trips that could be fun weekend getaways. Now, we have to figure out how UH will step up and try and compete to fill the void at the top of the conference. (BT)

– The most challenging season of trips? 2026: UH goes to Utah, Colorado, Kansas State, and West Virginia. Utah and WVU are the furthest from Houston. West Virginia and Kansas State are among the hardest to get to. And, it’s the first road game in Morgantown Hmm… (RM)