Beyond The Box Score: Wazzu

Marquez Stevenson
Marquez Stevenson broke a tackle and raced down the sideline. / Photo by Mario Puente

It’s hard to be too thrilled after losing both marquee games of the OOC slate. There is progress in many areas but there’s been none in the passing game. Without substantial improvement there, the season will stay stuck in neutral.

In the last two games, UH has averaged more per rush attempt than pass attempt. It happens in a lot of blowout wins but rarely in a loss. It didn’t happen in any losses in 2017 or 2018 meaning that, in the last 12 losses, it’s happened just once (Wazzu). Strange days.

Over those two years, it only happened in two 2018 blowouts (Arizona, TSU) and a game where King, Car, and Carr each ran for 6.7 yards per carrying or more (Tulsa). UH didn’t have a better ypc than ypa in any game in 2017.

UH fans should be celebrating the increase in seconds per play this season. Last season, UH went faster than anyone in the country, running an offensive snap ever 19.3 seconds of time of possession. In fact, no one was close.

This year, the Cougars are snapping it every 27.8 seconds a game – 8.5 seconds slower. I can’t imagine 27.8 seconds will hold all year but if it does, that’s 143 minutes less for the defense to on the field. But frankly, any reduction is helpful.

Houston has beaten just one….


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