Video: Golf Coach Dave Williams Discusses His Career


1967 Champions – Frank Wharton, Bob Pratt, Coach Dave Williams, Stan Binion, Jim Hiskey, Rex Baxter / The Houstonian

In 1984, Dave Williams sat down for this 30-minute interview with former Abilene Christian VP and Abilene mayor Gary McCaleb. A short preview:

“People always say, ‘how’d you win all those national championships?’

“And one of the big reasons we won all those national championships was because that night at the banquet I was choking to death… and I didn’t know what to say. So I got up and blurted out, ‘we’re gonna win the national championship.’ So everyone thought, well, that guy’s crazy.

The next day they started calling me National Championship Williams. I set a goal, and I didn’t know I was setting a goal, but I really set a goal that helped us win those national championships.”

Credit: The Portal to Texas History & Abilene Christian University Library.

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