Part 1: How Would An Expanded FBS Playoff Impact UH?

Our forum, The Veer, is constantly talking about an expanded playoff and how that would affect the American Athletic Conference and UH in particular.

So let’s look at some possibilities as well as a few unintended consequences. Specifically, I want to focus on a 24-team playoff – the same one used by the FCS. This is the tournament that would give the G5 and AAC the best chance to put multiple teams in the playoff.

Here’s the current FCS bracket: (also in PDF here)

In a 24-team playoff, every conference champion would get a berth – all 10 of them. The next step would be to select 14 additional schools as at-large participants. Then, the selection committee would decide on the top 8 teams as well as the next 8 teams …

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Brad Towns
Brad Towns
Towns is a former UH athlete, having played baseball for the Cougars in the mid-90's. He is most famous for walking 9 LSU batters in just 3 innings vs. LSU. He also fired a 2-hit complete game shutout of SFA.


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