Matt Hogan Dissects The 2 Returns For TD

Bryson Smith punt return
Bryson Smith punt return / Photo by Mario Puente

UNT had just scored in the third quarter and, had they made the two-point conversion, it would have been a 10-point game. But they missed and now kicking off into the wind, the Mean Green went for the pop-up sky kick hoping the returner would fair catch it and take the ball at the 25.

The kicker didn’t get very much hang time on the ball and when Stevenson catches it at the 18 he still has 20 yards of space in front of him. He follows his blockers up the numbers and then sees an opening.

On KO returns, there is usually one guy unblocked and it is the returner’s job to make him miss. Then, it’s up to the blockers to take care of the rest. Stevenson was patient and …
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