Witherspoon’s Misses & End Of Game Situation

Dane Roy ready to hold for Matt Witherspoon
Dane Roy ready to hold for Matt Witherspoon / Photo by Mario Puente

Dalton Witherspoon missed a couple of kicks this week at Tulane that could have helped the Cougars in a big way. The first missed field goal was due to not putting all of his force and momentum behind the ball and towards the target which should be the dead center of the uprights (depending on the wind).

NFL kickers have incredible technical skill but there’s another reason they are better than college kickers. In the NFL, the hash marks are aligned with the upright making it much easier. College is the hardest place to kick field goals because the hashes are so wide. When you are on a hash in a college game you are having to angle your more towards the middle.


Witherspoon’s Technique

On Witherspoon’s first kick, the holder Dane Roy lines up a yard inside the left hash to give the kicker the best angle. Witherspoon made great contact but …

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