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Monday started like most other Mondays at  Grab a bucket of coffee and break out the game tape from the weekend to take a look at what happened…frame…by….frame.  Everything was going pretty well.

Monceaux was slaving away on King’s buckshot spray chart and wrapping that up and I was cutting up video to support it.  All of a sudden my phone starts blowing up with text messages and I see my twitter feed spinning like a slot machine.  D’Eriq King has decided that he was going to redshirt and could potentially transfer.

Wait, what?

Taking a redshirt? The starting quarterback? Sorry, but that sounds stupid.  Two hours later, we get some supposedly “good news” when King walked back his comments to Mark Berman that he was deciding between redshirting or leaving UH. Oh, and Corbin is sitting out the rest of the season but plans to be back next year as well.

This is insane!

I don’t care what words you use to fluff this up but these guys straight up quit on the season.  How are they going to pull the ripcord on this season but still be welcomed back next year?  I understand that players now have more control over their situation and playing career and I fully support that.  Finally, the athlete has a little bit of leverage and choice.

That being said, if they want to make big boy decisions then they need to live with the big boy consequences.  That should include a pat on the back, a thank you for your service to the program, and good luck wishes with “The Portal” and your next school.

How on earth are you going to allow 2 “leaders” to quit on the team yet allow them to stick around with the program?  Letting them stick around only allows their mindset to infect more players.  These guys aren’t just some random guys that are low on the depth chart.  These are two seniors that you counted on to be an integral part of the program and leadership this season.

King has started four games and has played in every quarter this season.  Beyond passing, he leads the team in rushing attempts and yards and touchdowns. He’s responsible for 58% of your total yards and 80% of your touchdowns. But more than that, he’s been your poster child for the new era of UH football.

Corbin was King’s #2 target and now they both quit on the season? And we’re going to allow them to be chilling out around the program for the rest of the season? :Shrug Emoji:

Buying Into Dana Holgorsen

There have been whispers that this team was suffering from a lack of buy-in with Dana Holgorsen specifically. Some players have indicated that they think the assistant coaches are an upgrade over the previous staff (most Pop Warner staffs are, too). There are always whispers when things are going poorly but when you have guys who aren’t buying in, you need to isolate them and weed them out.

Now we know that two of the folks not buying in are these senior “leaders.”  Luckily they just weeded themselves out, right?  Nope. We are going to allow this problem to linger and potentially stink up the place for the rest of the year.  And who knows what happens next year.  If these guys quit now, when are they going to quit again?

UH had the perfect opportunity to let this problem eliminate itself and instead has chosen to double down and make the problem worse.

How?  I’m glad you asked.  These guys obviously have a problem with the program.  Now, what do you do if other guys want to quit…I mean redshirt?  How do you deal with other guys who are pissed that these guys are still around?

Other guys have worked their butts off in winter training, fought tooth and nail in spring drills, sacrificed in the summer heat and busted their asses to win in preseason drills.  What about them?  You have 2 guys who basically say this is too hard, I will come back next year when things might be easier.  And they are allowed to do it.  This is a slap in the face to everyone who has bought in. Coaches want commitment, discipline, and focus yet they piss that all away because they want to save face in this situation.

I have heard that we need to let them stay because it could hurt our perception in recruiting.  I understand that thought but it’s wrong.  These guys made the choice to quit.  They decided to just sit out the hard times.  The staff didn’t bench them or ask them to step aside: this is the players’ decision and they should get to live with the consequences of that decision.

Recruiting could be hurt but not this way. If anything hurts recruiting it is the lack of accountability that is being shown from the coaching staff.  This is a public admission that quitting on your team is acceptable.

Another reason is the fact that right now they are actively recruiting replacements and one of the big selling points is the opportunity to play in year one.  This now changes that.  Oh hey, yeah I know we told you that the QB and WR spot was wide open next year.  Well things have changed! Our starters quit but plan to come back and take the job next year. Or worse, explaining to recruits that Yeah, we’re telling everyone that they are coming back but they really aren’t. Hey, just trust me!  

Also, with both players supposedly coming back you have now tied up 2 more scholarships that you were planning on using for next year.  Tied up by guys who just quit on their team. There is nothing good about letting this drag on any further – just rip off the band-aid and be done with it.  Escort these guys to the transfer portal and let’s go do battle with the guys who want to be here.

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