The Debut of Talkin’ Bout Them Cougars!


In The Beginning - Talkin Bout Them Cougars
In The Beginning – Talkin Bout Them Cougars

This is the debut episode of the Talkin’ Bout Them Cougars! podcast.

Topics discussed:

:25 – Episode preview
1:27 – GoCoogs and Talkin’ Bout Them Cougars Introduction
2:06 – Introducing / mocking former UH athlete Brad Towns
2:44 – Talkin’ bout the offensive line
7:33 – Offensive weapons
9:43 – Patrick Carr discussion
14:18 Attacking OU’s defense
17:14 First look at the defense
27:52 – Gambling lines for UH/OU
30:38 – Predictions and wrap-up

Thanks for listening! All feedback is greatly appreciated.

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