By the numbers: Houston’s historic defensive performance

I laughed and laughed. Then I read it again and laughed and laughed. Social media trains people with no information to opine on a subject. They do not read the story. They do not know the background. They do not watch the game. They do not have context. They do not understand the beatdown their boys took.

But they have the solution:

You see, if UCF just (basically) doubled their shooting percentage, it would have been a win! It’s just that easy.

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The five Knights starters shot 2/24 (8.3%). They were 2/10 (20%) from 3 and 0/14 inside the arc (0.0%). They combined for 11 turnovers to go with their two buckets.

Their bench, comparatively, shot the hell out of the ball (5/20, 25%).

The team scored 24 from the line and 18 from the floor.

Their starters scored 10 points from the line and six from the floor.

In 139 combined minutes, they scored the same number of points as L.J. Cryer scored in 33 minutes.

But Cryer had to make six shots to do it.

Darius Johnson was 0/6 from the floor with five turnovers.

Mylik Wilson goes all out // Photo © 2024 by Mario Puente

UCF had 10 possessions that stretched 25+ seconds into the shot clock. 0/10.

UCF had nine possessions in transition. 1/9. It was the steal with 23 seconds left.

UCF took 23 two-point shots away from the rim. 0/23.

Before Saturday, UH had held six starters (out of 85) to 0/2 or worse this season. The Coogs did it to three UCF starters.

November 11, 2016, vs. Morgan State at Hofheinz: the last time UH held three starters to 0/2 or worse (Morgan State’s other two starters made 11 whereas UCF’s made two).

Between Morgan State and today, over 25 opposing players have individually made as many or more field goals as UCF did Saturday.

Houston starters played 63.5% of game time (127 minutes) and combined for three turnovers (and nine steals and five blocks).

J’Wan Roberts, Emanuel Sharp, Joseph Tugler, and Damian Dunn combined to shoot 2/18 (11.1%). UH won by 15. Add in Jamal Shead (5/31 – 16.1%). UH won by 15.

UCF lost to Stetson earlier this season. UH beat Stetson by 31. Of course, Stetson shot 43.9% against UH.

After playing UH, UCF dropped from 277th nationally in assist/turnover ratio to 302nd.

UCF went from 280th in FG percentage to 308.

UCF went from 180 in scoring offense to 232.

They went from 280 to 305 in effective FG%.

As far as I can tell, the worst shooting nights vs. UH in the last 17 years:

2024 – UCF 15.9% (7 FG)
2022 – ECU 16.0% (8 FG)
2022 – ORU 22.6% (14 FG)
2019 – Memphis: 23.5% (16 FG)
2007 – Southern: 23.5% (12 FG)

ECU’s starters in 2022 had four FGs. You will never see five starters combine for two FGs again.


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