Yormark isn’t making friends on the 40 Acres

Brett Yormark commented during an event in Lubbock, and hoo boy, did the Longhorn faithful not take it well. A look at over/unders for the Big 12 this season and who will be the first UH team to win a conference title in the new league? And a late add: UH seems to have a solid traffic and in-game plan for the upcoming season.

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Yormark And Twisted Panties. Texas fans are some of my favorites. No, really! Anyone who ardently roots for the YOOOOOOOONuhversatee of Texas has built a very steady core of beliefs inside themselves:

1. We are better than everyone, and we hire the best coaches.
2. We recruit only the best players. If a player signs here, they are elite.
3. By adding 1 and 2, the only possible outcome is the national championship.
4. Fire any coach that does not win a national title by year three.
5. We are better than everyone, and we hire the best coaches.

But when anything pops that bubble, the excuses are freaking hilarious. Take a fairly innocuous comment from Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark made Wednesday at a Texas Tech event:

Oh no! Pearls clutched! How dare the commissioner be more interested in schools that chose to stay over schools that nearly destroyed the conference?

UT fans are taking it quite well:

(that’s a journalist that covers UT for OrangeBloods, FYI)


I cannot wait until the first marginally bad call happens on the 40 Acres. If it’s an end-of-game play, hoo boy, sign me up. “They’re out to get us!” CUN-SPEAR-UHH-SEE!

So much anger. So much indignation. These are the same people who were furious over their precious hand sign being turned upside down. They were mad at upside-down fingers. Just two upside-down fingers, really. So mad that they forced the Big 12 to call it a taunting penalty.

Flashback to November 10, 1963, when the Daily Texan published the first-ever photo of a Horns Down. It was from a Baylor fan during UT’s 7-0 win the day before:

2023 is the 60th anniversary of the Horns Down. // Photo via The Daily Texan archives

Personally, I can’t wait until that tea-sipping fan base gets to the SEC and realizes they’ll never be the top dog again. And that even grandmothers in wheelchairs will be doing Horns Down.


Over/Under. Many sportsbooks have come out with win totals for 2023 – many of them did that months ago. But it’s silly to really get into them until things start shaking out in fall camp. With seven days til the start of the Big 12 season (UCF hosts Kent State next Thursday), maybe it’s time to take a shot at it.

I went through the league schedule using the vaunted Matrix™ and came up with:

TeamProjected WinsOur Pick
Kansas St8.5Over
Texas Tech7.5Under
Oklahoma St6.5Over
Iowa St5.5Under

The GoCoogs Matrix™ has never missed a single game in its existence, but still, I paused when it came back with UH over the 4.5. I rebooted and reran the numbers, and they came out the same. The Matrix™ only resulted in six schools beating their O/U and eight going under the number.

*The GoCoogs Matrix™ was invented last Tuesday.

Title Or Nah? Question: Does a UH team win a Big 12 championship in the first year in the league? Any team?

I think the answer is yes. What team will be the first at UH to win a Big 12 title? It can be a regular-season championship or conference tournament.

I’d go with Indoor Track and Field. The indoor meet will be in late February in Lubbock. I think MBB could win their tournament, but it is held three weeks later in Kansas City.

UH’s 2023 Logistics Plan. UH just announced a new logistics plan for the 2023 season. Check it out here.

No, there still aren’t bathroom options in the 300s. That’s still a huge misstep in the design of the stadium. But these improvements sound good on paper. Next Saturday, we’ll get a first look at how they play out. But the real test comes in week three when TCU comes to town. They’ll get some things wrong in week one – it’s inevitable. And that’s ok. But do they get fixed by the second home game?

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