Questions will start to get answered in today’s game

The opener is fascinating because of how little we know. There are so many unanswered questions. There’s real talent on this team, but putting it together and integrating 42 new pieces so that all the parts work well together seems like a massive challenge.

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Questions To Be Answered. How does the offense gel? Will they be conservative with the play-calling? How do 42 new faces work together? And what about the penalties? Penalties killed you early last season in the Alamodome – two red zone penalties and one took a punt return TD off the board. Eleven penalties last year can’t happen this year, but Holgorsen said it’s been an emphasis in the spring and fall. Did the emphasis help?

Is Donovan Smith more consistent? Does he cut down on turnovers? Is he used more in a Tune mode, or is he allowed to be a dual threat? Is Tony Mathis Jr. ready in this offense after just three months on campus? When do we see true freshman RB Parker Jenkins for extended time? Will Matthew Golden be the #1 receiving threat? Will it be Joseph Manjack IV? Or will it be more evenly spread out? Does Manjack look as good in games as coaches have said he looks in preseason? Can Samuel Brown move past his off-field scuffles from 2022 and assert himself into the offense?

Are Unije and Tank Jenkins the guys on the right side of the offense? Each was demoted from that spot before the third game last year. Jack Freeman, one of four captains, has become a vocal leader – does that help the OL? What has Naghavi’s coaching done for his game? Patrick Paul and Tyler Johnson on the left side seem to be a legit tandem. If one gets nicked up, who is there to keep Smith clean? Will these starting five OLs – the same five as in the UTSA game a year ago – give up four sacks again? Sacks killed UH’s first two drives in the 2022 opener – how will they ensure it doesn’t happen again? How are the tight ends used this year? Christian Trahan owned the seam for 2-3 years – will they return to that? Or keep them in as a sixth blocker?

Who is calling plays? Does the process involving Dana, Naghavi, and QB coach Mike Burchett work seamlessly to start the season? Or are there difficulties? After the first 15-20 scripted plays, what does it look like?


Big 12 Predictions. Using the vaunted Matrix™, we picked every game in the Big 12 this season and came up with these final standings:

TeamBig 12OOCOverall
Iowa State1-81-22-10

*BYU wins the Big 12 tiebreaker in this scenario. Three of the teams I have tied at 6-3 only play one of the other two. TCU plays two of them. So that means it’s UT and BYU for the title in year one.

Love to be wrong about that.

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