The sights from UH’s 17-14 win over UTSA


Can we talk about how fantastic Mario Puente is as a photographer? If you’re not following him on X (Twitter) or Instagram, why not?

Backstory: Mario is a teacher in HISD, and he’s also a coach. Saturday, he drove his team across town, coached three water polo games in a tournament, drove back, came to UH, was on the field for 4-5 hours, took these photos, and returned home and got them together for publication. All in a day.

More importantly, he will become a father for the second time this week. We love Mario – check out the action and the emotion of his photos from the UTSA game:

The captains were coming out for the coin toss, the first glimpse of the Luv Ya Coogs uniforms. This photo somehow encapsulates the three captains shown: Jack Freeman, the vocal leader, staring ahead into the sun, looking at what’s ahead of him. Patrick Paul, a quieter, more cerebral leader in his own head, and Nelson Ceaser, striding confidently but letting the other captains take the lead.


Donovan Smith was “spotty” as Dana Holgorsen called him after the game. But it was clear that it’s his team. Here he is in the spotlight leading his team to the first score of the night.


Brian George coming out of his helmet trying to stop a 4th-down run. George made the most of his opportunities, making tackles on about 20% of his snaps.


The emotion on Samuel Brown’s face in these photos is telling. He had a rough go of it at TDECU last season, and here, his second catch of the night leaves him thinking he could have had more.



Nelson Ceaser had a solid game despite missing two guys in the interior. He got to Frank Harris in the first quarter, ending a drive. And then he did a little dance.


A moment later, Malik Fleming took a 46-yard punt back 48 yards, with a great stiff-arm before the 6’2, 215 lb punter pushed him out of bounds. Malik’s coming out party was a huge success: he made big impacts in the punt return game and in the middle of the defense. His two interceptions ended drives before they started and gave UH great field position.


This pass was completed – UTSA WR Joshua Cephus is just that good. But Brian George is in a terrific spot with his hands.


This is the play early in the 4th where UTSA’s Fortune interfered with Joshua Cobbs. It did not have much effect on the game, but a powerful photo nonetheless.