Dana Discusses Chambers & Lark

Isaiah Chambers
Isaiah Chambers tackles PV’s Tony Mullins / photo by Mario Puente

GoCoogs reported earlier today on social media about Isaiah Chambers and Courtney Lark and playing time. It became a storyline when Joseph Duarte followed up on a topic that was brought up in the postgame press conference: redshirting.

It was a perfectly innocuous topic but, at the end of his question, Duarte specifically asked about Courtney Lark. We brought up Lark redshirting on Sunday morning on the Talkin’ Bout Them Cougars Morning After PV podcast. Dana was direct.

“You earn playing time, that’s never gonna change,” he said on the AAC call. “Whoever gets the snaps are the ones that have earned the playing time.”

Lark did not play vs. Prairie View. Update: Joseph Duarte tweets that Lark was in the PV game for 3 plays.

“The ones that have been playing are the ones that have earned the playing time,” he continued. “The redshirt conversation is gonna change weekly. It’s a long season and you know, it’s a long season.”

Lark also did not have a catch in the OU game. “It’s just a weekly conversation,” he reiterated about redshirts.

Chambers is currently buried at #3 on the depth chart at the defensive end position. The 6’5″ junior has been talked about as a guy that could leave for the NFL Draft after this year but he can’t even get on the field currently. He has two tackles and a sack this season and has played very limited snaps.

Speaking generally, Holgorsen talked about building a program through the redshirt program.

“Trying to do right by the kid and if we can save a year … that’s what we’re gonna do,” he said. “That’s how you build a program and that’s how you develop players.”

Overall, Prairie View was a strange game for the participation list. The updated list given to the media on Monday says:

Dennis Bardwell started at right guard after not playing in the opener.

After starting at left guard vs. OU, Keenan Murphy didn’t play.

Jack Freeman did not play after playing vs. OU.

Mulbah Car did not play.

Oliver Charles-Pierre did not play.

Jarrid Williams is listed as having both started and not played (belief is he didn’t play).

After the PV game, Dana spoke of redshirting Atlias Bell but the JUCO product has played in both games so far in 2019.

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