AAC Race After 6 Weeks By The Numbers Football 

News & Notes: The AAC West Race, Tired Defense, And More

A Look At The AAC West Race Houston stands alone at the top of the AAC West. Every other team has lost at least one game. This week, all four games are cross-divisional. Tulsa hosts USF, Temple goes to Navy, UCF heads to Memphis, and the Coogs are at ECU. Each of the other 3 West teams will likely be… Read More
Beyond the Box Score Football 

UH Defense: The Good, The Bad, & The D’Onofrio

Just some rambling thoughts on a defense that, until Tulsa imploded, couldn’t get a stop: The Good, The Bad, & The D’Onofrio Payton Turner is thriving off the 1-on-1’s created by Ed Oliver’s presence in the middle. Carter and Chambers are largely non-factors. Turner has 24 tackles this year while Carter & Chambers have combined for 25 total. UH had 4… Read More
King on the run Beyond the Box Score By The Numbers Football 

UH By The Numbers Thru 3 Games

Through 1/4th of the season, UH’s offense and offensive players rank among the country’s best. And while some individual performances on the defense rank high, the overall defense is pretty bad in the national rankings. UH by the numbers   1 – D’Eriq King’s national ranking in points responsible for per game 2 – D’Eriq King’s national ranking in points… Read More