Aggie personnel report from Jayme Hollingsworth

Aggie personnel report from Jayme Hollingsworth


Texas A&M Personnel

* Indicates Probable Starters

*#4 Wade Taylor IV 6’0″ Jr. – 19ppg, 3rpg, 4apg, 2spg

  • Elite three-level scorer;
  • Can shoot the three from DEEP; he will shoot the three in transition and off the dribble;
  • Leads the Aggies in scoring, assists, and steals;
  • Will turn it over if pressured. Sometimes, he tries to do too much;
  • Settles sometimes for bad shots;
  • Ranked #6 in the nation in “Field Goal Attempts” with 559;
  • Ranked #21 in the nation in “Three-Point Field Goals Made” with 95;
  • Ranked #24 in the nation in “Points” with 666;
  • Ranked #36 in the nation in “Three-Point Attempts” with 289;
  • Ranked #37 in the nation in “Steals” with 65:


*#23 Tyrece “Boots” Radford 6’3″ Gr. – 16ppg, 6rpg, 3apg, 1spg. (Virginia Tech)

  • Did not play vs Houston in the first match-up;
  • Outstanding three-level scorer from the left hand. Good outside shooter;
  • At his best when he can get in the lane and make a play:


*#13 Solomon Washington 6’7” So. – 7ppg, 6rpg, 1apg, 1spg, 1bpg

  • Very athletic wing. Great motor/energy guy off the bench;
  • Has not been a great outside shooter, but is capable;
  • Can make difficult shots in the paint:


*#35 Manny Obaseki: 6’4” Jr. – 7ppg, 1rpg, 1apg, 1spg

  • LEFTY Athletic guard;
  • They have put the ball in his hands a lot more since the first match-up; They are trying to get him isolation and downhill opportunities;
  • Solid three-point shooter;
  • Had a GREAT game vs Nebraska; They never had an answer for him:


*#10 Wildens Leveque – 2ppg, 3rpg, 1bpg (UMASS/South Carolina)

  • Strong/Big Post Player;
  • Not overly skilled on offense, but a good rim protector and rebounder;
  • Has started every game but only averages 12 minutes per game;
  • Has been an excellent FT shooter for the last two seasons:


#15- Henry Coleman III – 6’8″ Sr.- 9ppg, 6rpg (Duke)

  • Athletic big man with a fantastic motor;
  • Not a traditional big man with his back to the basket;
  • Great at catching in the high post and attacking the rim. Also, a great passer out of the high post;
  • Phenomenal rebounder on both ends of the court.


#11 Andersson Garcia: 6’7” Gr. – 6ppg, 9rpg, 2apg, 1spg, 1bpg (Mississippi State)

  • The A&M player Kelvin Sampson says he loves Andy Garcia. “Garcia gets a lot out of his talent.” Side note: I also love Garcia, and IF he were to enter the portal, he would be my first priority! -JH;
  • Long, athletic forward;
  • Subs in quickly for Leveque;
  • Good at ducking in the post;
  • Loves to use the pump fake to draw fouls;
  • Outstanding rebounder, especially on the offensive end;
  • Capable of making the three but has not been consistent;
  • Ranked #2 in the nation in “Rebounds (Offensive) Per Game” with 4.37;
  • Ranked #20 in the nation in “Rebounds” with 322;
  • Ranked #41 in the nation in “Rebounds Per Game” with 9.2.


#0 Jace Carter: 6’6” Jr. – 7ppg, 5rpg, 1apg, 1spg (Illinois-Chicago)

  • CONFIDENT/Capable/Streaky 3-level scorer;
  • Looks to bring instant offense off the bench. Watch out if he gets hot:


#2 Hayden Hefner 6’6″ Sr. – 5ppg, 2rpg, 1apg

  • Great three-point and dribble pull-up shooter

Keys To Victory

  1. Defensive Rebounds. It will be absolutely imperative to keep Garcia, Coleman III, Washington, and Leveque off the offensive glass. They are at their best when they create extra opportunities. They are the best offensive rebounding team in the nation and will look to take advantage of Tugler and Arceneaux out of action.
  2. Availability. I’ve said it a million times. “You can get a bucket back. You can’t get a foul back.” To advance to the Sweet 16, the Coogs will need their starters on the floor as much as possible. This is a VERY skilled and experienced opponent. Ramon Walker Jr. is still not 100%, and Cedric Lath will be facing big men who rebound like he’s never seen before. The starters’ availability will be key for the Coogs in this one.
  3. Pressure them on defense. As skilled as the Aggies are, they sometimes get loose with the ball. They had 11 turnovers in the first game. The Coogs need to force around 15 this time.
  4. Slow down Taylor IV and Radford. They have multiple guys that can lead them in scoring, but they prefer this duo. The Coogs must keep them both under their averages and not allow their friends to have big games.
  5. Toughest team wins. The toughest team on Sunday, March 24, 2024, wins this game. Who will be the first on the floor for a loose ball? Who will take the big charge? Who will hit the “sit down and shut up” shot when their opponent goes on a run? Who will make THE big stop? It all comes down to this! Survive and Advance!!!



Jayme Hollingsworth
Jayme Hollingsworth
Jayme is's new basketball scouting editor. He was born and raised in Alabama but now lives in Houston. He's a former video coordinator/scouting coordinator at UAB and a former high school basketball coach. He's the husband to Mallory and pug dad to Charlee.

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