1st Quarter: Beyond The Box Score – Arizona


An In-Depth Look At The Arizona/Houston Game

The first half of the Arizona game was the best half of football the Cougars have played since the Thursday night game vs. Louisville in 2016. Both yesterday and in the Louisville game, the Coogs were up 31-0 at the half. But the halves were dominant in different ways.

Louisville had 5 false start penalties and Lamar Jackson took 4 sacks in that first half – the loudest TDECU has ever been. The offense was efficient but the defense controlled the game. Louisville ended up with 15 penalties and the UH defense recorded 11 sacks.

Yesterday, it was D’Eriq King and Co shredding Arizona’s defense. In just 10 minutes and 17 seconds of game time, the Coogs built a 21-0 lead on 184 yards. The defene did their part, too: Arizona had 8 first-half drives and only 1 went for more than 32 yards. Zona ate up clock but little else.

Route 66

In about 56 minutes of game time from the middle of the 3Q against Rice until UH went up 38-0 against Arizona early in the 3rd, the Cougars outscored the Owls and Cats 66-0. In that span, D’Eriq King threw 6 TD passes and ran for 2 more. He accounted for 461 total yards in that stretch.

How efficient were the Coogs during that 66 point onslaught? In 15 drives, the Cougars punted 3 times, had a fumble, and a V Formation at the end of the Rice game. They scored on the other 10 drives (9 TDs, 1 FG).

Arizona’s average starting position in first half was the 19 yard line. The Coogs did a great job of getting down the field on kickoffs. The Wildcats started better than their 25 yard line only once in the first 3 quarters.

Arizona Game Breakdown

1st Quarter: Beyond The Box Score
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