4th Quarter: Constructive Criticism & Predictions Gone Wrong


Constructive Criticism

How do you complain about a 27-point win over a P5 team? About being up 38-0 before you call off the dogs? Welp, there are some things that need to be cleaned up:

  • The drops: The most blaring example were the back to back plays in the 1st quarter by Lark and Stevenson (the throw to Stevenson is a certain TD). This can obviously be corrected.
  • Missed tackles: UH had 13 missed tackles in the first half and over 20 in the 2nd half. If you dismiss the second half results due to backups playing, you’ve still got an issue early. Arizona ran 46 plays in the half – 35, really, when you dismiss incomplete passes (can’t miss a tackle). Arizona QB Khalil Tate voluntarily fell down on two others. So in 33 snaps, the Cougar defense missed 13 tackles. That has to be cleaned up.
  • Total defense: UH is 114th in the country in total defense. I don’t place too much emphasis on this stat but it’s a concern. Coogs are 119th in passing yards allowed.
  • First Down defense: This one is a concern. UH has allowed 53 first downs in 2 games – good for 113th in the country. Coogs are 113th in 3rd down defense, too.

No one is stressing over these things. But over the course of a season they can come back
to haunt you.

No Love

Despite being a 3.5 point favorite, the Coogs weren’t getting much love before the game:



There were plenty of other examples, too. But at least someone came pretty close. Ahem.


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