OT: Funny How Things Work Out – The Noel Mazzone Saga


Funny How Things Work Out

When Kevin Sumlin was introduced at Houston in December 2007, his first move was to hire Noel Mazzone as his OC. Mazzone couldn’t get out of his contract with the New York Jets so Sumlin went to his 2nd choice, the pass game coordinator at Texas Tech, Dana Holgorsen.
Dana brought recently CFL-retired Kliff Kingsbury in as an offensive quality control assistant. When Dana left for Oklahoma State 2 years later, Kliff took over as Sumlin’s OC and helped deliver monster seasons for Case Keenum and Johnny Manziel.
In January 2016, Sumlin was finally able to hire Mazzone as his OC at Texas A&M. In 4 SEC losses last year, their offense averaged 20 points as A&M lost 3 of 4 of those by 15 or more. Sumlin and Mazzone were fired but reappeared six weeks later in Tucson.
Two weeks into this season, the duo has transformed Khalil Tate from the most explosive running QB in the country into a guy with 22 rush yards in losses to BYU and UH. The Wildcats have scored just 41 points this season – good for 103rd in the country in scoring.
If Sumlin had his way, Mazzone would have been at UH and Case Keenum would have never been guided by Dana and Kliff, likely never gone to the NFL. UH never would have had a 13-1 season in 2011 and Kevin never would have gotten the A&M job and lifetime financial security. All because one guy couldn’t get out of an NFL contract.
Dana and Kliff made Sumlin tens of millions of dollars. His buddy Noel is going to make him an early retiree.

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Overtime: Funny How Things Work Out: The Noel Mazzone Saga


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