2nd Quarter: Film Room – Brooker’s Blocking Sets Him Up For TD


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Tight end Romello Brooker got wide open in the Arizona secondary to score UH’s 3rd TD of the game. Our first GoCoogs.com video shows you how it happened:

Kendal Briles sets this up perfectly. On 2nd down, Brooker goes in motion and and makes a great seal block on the outside to spring Bryson Smith on a screen pass. After 2 runs to to the left side to get a first down, the Coogs come right back to the set with Brooker in motion.
This time, King pump-fakes the screen pass forcing safety Xavier Bell to bite. Brooker runs right past the flat-footed Bell, catches the ball at the 35, and waltzes into the end zone. Brooker had 7 catches for 45 yards last year but already has 4 receptions for 91 yards and a TD in 2018.
Kendal is a master at using tempo and spacing to his advantage. Here, he plays on the natural instincts of a DB who reacts to the same set-up he just saw a minute earlier.
It wasn’t Bell’s only rough moment of the game:

Bell did have 6 tackles.

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