3rd Quarter: Stats That Matter – Arizona Game


Having scored 45+ in both games, there’s obviously going to be some pretty good statistics for the Houston football team. The Coogs are among the nation’s leaders in several statistical categories.
UH is 18th in total offense, thanks in large part to the 66-0 run the Coogs went on between the 1st and 2nd games. The Cougars are 19th in yards per completion, not surprising due to D’Eriq King’s vertical passing game.
UH is 22nd in rush offense, 25th in scoring, and 26th in pass efficiency. There are 12 teams in the country that haven’t allowed a sack and UH is one of them. UH has 17 tackles for loss (19th in the nation) and has only allowed 2 tackles for loss (23rd).
In two games, the Cougars have had the ball a grand total of 44:42 – less than 3 quarters worth.
UH is 126th in time of possession which proves how meaningless that stat can be. 6 of the bottom 11 teams in TOP are from the American.

No Huddle

Houston has outscored opponents 90-45 this season. … Rice went from an 11 a.m. kickoff in week 1 to an 11 p.m. kick in week 2 at Hawaii. Meanwhile, Hawaii goes from an 11 p.m. kickoff in week 2 to an 11 a.m. kick in week 3 (at Army) – 6 a.m. Hawaiian time. Brutal. … Arizona ran 100 plays to UH’s 80. … Khalil Tate set a QB rushing record with 327 yards in a game last year. He finished with just 8 yards rushing against UH. … SMU has given up 5 non-defensive TDs in 2 games: a punt return, 2 fumble returns, an interception return, and a kickoff return. … Garrett Davis is 3rd in the country with 2 INTs. … The 3 P5 wins for the American are the most in a single day in conference history (all were by double digits). … The AAC is 4-3 vs. P5 teams – not much different than our record vs FCS (5-2).

Arizona Game Breakdown

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